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 MINI Cooper S (R56) 2007+


Item: Alta Catback Exhaust

Info: In initial testing, this Catback exhaust showed great solid gains of 10 Wheel HP and 10 ft-lbs of torque. While 10 WHP is very noticeable, the most noticeable thing you will find is that the turbo spools quicker providing roughly 200RPM quicker spool. This quicker spool means more low end power!

Price: $750

Item: Alta Intake

Info: The new ALTA R56 cold air intake not only adds proven 10WHP and 10ft-lbs of torque to your 2007+ Mini Cooper S (AKA R56), but it also unlocks the sound from your turbo!

Price: $250

Item: Alta Intercooler

Info: The ALTA R56 Front Mounted Intercooler goes hand and hand with otherperformance upgrades on your 2007 Mini Cooper S. While MINI was kindenough to install a factory intercooler at the front of your MINI, itis still very small and restricts performance. Seeing this as hugeroom for improvement we created the first and largest Front MountedIntercooler for the 2007 Mini Cooper S

Price: $620

Item: Arrow Exhaust

Info: Arrow Special Parts has always been distinguishing itself within the exhaust industry for two wheels vehicles for its innovative capabilities and the manufacturing care of its product range.

Price: $850

Item: Boost Adaptor

Info: The ATP and Alta vacuum block adapters install in the Cooper S' intake manifold underneath the stock MAP sensor in minutes using one bolt, giving you a vacuum port without having to tap your R56's intake manifold

Price: $40

Item: Craven Coolant Adapter

Info: The Hot Link replaces an existing coupling on your coolant line, and offers the benefit of a 1/8 tapped attachement point for adding your temperature probe. Since your new Mini is not equipped with an adequate temperature gauge, this piece will allow you monitor the health of your vehicle. Use with the FlexPod to allow a completely reversible installation

Price: $60

Item: Helix Intercooler

Info: The Helix Stepped Intercooler design has a bigger frontal ambient face combined with thicker-than-stock core that seals off to the radiator fan/shroud. The cast end tanks have factory mounting points and factory charge pipe angles. Installation will involve removal of the R56's front air dam, then removal of stock intercooler. Next secure the new intercooler, and remount the front air dam. No cutting, drilling or other modifications needed. It's a clean fit. No ECU flags or error codes...just cooler intake air.

Price: $

Item: Helix Blowoff Valve

Info: The Helix blow-off valve kit sounds stock under normal driving coditions, but will add that traditional turbo 'whoosh' to your R56 when you're really jumping on it. The helix BOV helps prevent compressor surge and reduce exhaust gas temperatures. Due to superior design and extensive spring testing, the Helix BOV does not cause check engine lights or MAF related problems.

Price: $220

Item: CravenSpeed Intake Filter

Info: This high performance, open cell foam drop in filter can be used for the life of your vehicle. When it gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned and then put back into use as good as new. Just rinse it with mineral spirits or one of unifilter's cleaning kits, reapply oil and put it back in

Price: $45

Item: Alta Intercooler Tubes

Info: The 5-ply silicone tubing is available in both black and red, and the glossy exterior surface dresses up the engine bay for your next show n shine or just for your enjoyment during your next oil change

Price: $250

Item: Alta Panel Filter

Info: The lower portion of the R56 filter has very little room for air to travel across the entire filter. We saw room for improvement in this filter by making it slightly offset and slightly thinner. This simple change allows for more air to be drawn across the entire filter. Besides that, it is a high flow foam filter, which like all our other filters provides less restriction, and the ability to clean it for the life of the car.

Price: $50

Item: Alta Turbo Inlet Tube

Info: We understand the importance of performance AND style when it comes to modding your MINI Cooper. This product encompasses an excellent balance of both!

Price: $150


Item: CravenSpeed Dual Gauge Cup

Info: The dual gauge pod lets you add a pair of 52mm gauges to a single mounting point. This adds to the already wide array of possible setups that can be created with the FlexPod mounting system. Nothing says it better than the customers submitted photos above

Price: $80

Item: CravenSpeed FlexPod Bracket W

Info: Add gauges without drilling or gluing--two mounting points up high to your R55, R56, or Clubman better than the customers submitted photos above

Price: $60

Item: CravenSpeed HandBrake Handle

Info: This direct replacement for your emergency brake is carved from solid bars of 6061 aluminum and stainless steel, the shape is even better to touch than it is on the eyes. Aside from looks, and grip, the 3 rings hide the attachment setscrews. Without any visible cues like that, and with a tight, no wiggle or rattle fit, this piece could be OEM

Price: $85

Item: CravenSpeed Gauge Cups

Info: Once you have found the right mounting bracket for your vehicle, all you need to do is grab some modules. The most common are Gauge Cups. Using socket head screws, hidden behind black caps, each gauge cup pivots to your desired position until you lock it down with the wrench included with your bracket. The gauge is able to rotate inside the the cup until you set it with the two included setscrews.

Price: $55

Item: CravenSpeed FlexPod R56 Gauge Mount System

Info: Add gauges or accessories to your second generation Mini or Clubman better than the customers submitted photos above

Price: $50

Item: CravenSpeed Strut Top Defenders

Info: Craven Speed STDs are a preventative measure. Instead of suffering the consequences of a lack of protection, using STD's to your advantage will strengthen your MINI's strut towers before deformation can occur

Price: $140

Item: CravenSpeed Flex Pod Bracket R

Info: A reversible, yet one sided, FlexPod mounting bracket for the R56 and Clubman.

Price: $45

Item: CravenSpeed Shift Well Cover

Info: Drawing inspiration from the gated shifter found on some of the finest Itallian autos, Craven Speed created this shift well cover for the MINI. With a recent revision you'll notice the improved look of our shift well as we have done away with the exposed screws on the top of the boot

Price: $85

Item: CravenSpeed Short Shifter

Info: The Adjustable Shifter from Craven Speed is the only short shifter that gives you the option to set and re-set the shift length and height at any time

Price: $185

Item: Helix Short Shifter

Info: The Helix short shifter is the simplest, short shift kit on the market. Other kits "shorten" the throw by using a short-stalk shift lever, forcing the driver to reach down by their right knee to make shifts. Our kit retains the proper shift knob position while providing the shortest throw available for the MC or MCS. The kit comes with complete installation instructions, and can be done with jack stands and typical mechanical tools in about 1 hour

Price: $40

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